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Lava that contains a greater amount of silica will flow slower and more sluggishly. The silica affects the viscosity of the lava making it thicker and therefore moving at a slower pace.

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Q: How does lava that contains a greater amount of silica flow?
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Does silica or water have the greater effect on the eruptive force of the volcano?

Water gas a greater influence. Regardless of the amount of silica present, an eruption cannot be explosive if there is no gas present, and the chief gas is water vapor. Magma that is high in silica but low in gas content will be slowly extruded to form a lava dome or a very thick lava flow.

How can a basalt flow cause opal to form?

If the basalt flow contains air bubbles and pockets and there is a spring that contains silica then the silica can deposit into the air bubbles (the air bubbles are known as Amygdaloidal basalt or vesicles) If the silica deposits slowly and the conditions are correct then precious opal can form. Two examples of this would be in California at the Nowak and the Barnett mines.

What 3 factors determine magma viscosity?

The three elements that determine viscosity in magma are:TemperatureSilicaOxides (gases)Viscosity changes the way in which magma will flow. Magma with low viscosity will flow much more easily than high viscosity magma.

What is the silica of magma that would result in a pyroclastic flow?

it is normally intermediate flow because of the silica content.

What is the silica content of magma that would result in pyroclastic flow?

it is normally intermediate flow because of the silica content.

How does silica content affect igenous rocks?

It determines high silica or low silica. It will determine if it is sticky or not, or if it flows fast or slow. *high in silica~Sticky, and slow. Will not flow easily. *low in silica~Fact, not sticky. Will flow easily.

Does the increase in silica increase the viscosity of a magma?

it is normally intermediate flow because of the silica content.

What is a holocene volcano?

A holocene volcano is a volcano that is made up of several different particles of holocene (Chemical gases) that come from basaltic silica or granitic silica. A quiet flow makes a slow and steady amount of various amounts of holocene, while the granitic flow, the explosive flow, makes a fast amount. High viscosity and low viscosity are also parts and particles of placements of holocene.

How does the amount of silica content change the viscosity of magma How does this affect the flow of magma?

The amount of silica and water affect the viscosity of the magma. The more viscous the magma, the slower the flow rate and the shorter and the thicker the flows. Silica makes for a more viscous magma.

What three things indicate the thickness of magma?

The thickness of magma may be indicated by its measured temperature, its color, and the speed of its flow.

What is the importance of a silica and oxygen in lava flow speed?

Silica will determine if the lava is hot and runny or thick and slow!

What is the behavior of lava with silica content being high and low?

Lava with high silica content will erupt explosively, if it has low silica content it will flow.