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Q: How does obudsmans group seek to safeguard the rights of the consumer?
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What is the consumer advocate in USA?

A consumer advocate, also known as consumer protection is a group of laws and organizations. This group is designed to ensure the rights of consumers, and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace.

Steps needed to be taken by an consumer when he got cheated from anyone?

should complain to the responsible authority.should make a consumer awareness group in your locality.consumer must use his rights to seek redresal & to be heard.

What are some examples of a private sector consumer-advocacy group?

Consumer Reports is an example of a private sector consumer-advocacy group. Consumer Reports was founded in 1936. It has a monthly circulation of 7,300,000.

Give four ways to safeguard your right to association of Nigeria?

The right to association is an important aspect of human rights in Nigeria. Here are four ways to safeguard your right to association in Nigeria: Know your rights: It is important to be aware of your rights to freedom of association as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution. This will help you to recognize when your rights are being violated and take appropriate actions to protect them. Join a reputable organization: Joining a reputable organization that is recognized by the Nigerian government can help safeguard your right to association. Such organizations have a legal standing and can advocate for your rights in case of any violations. Seek legal representation: If your right to association is being violated, seek legal representation from a reputable lawyer. They can help you to take legal actions against any individual or group that infringes on your rights. Advocate for your rights: It is important to speak up and advocate for your rights to association. Joining advocacy groups or engaging in peaceful demonstrations can help raise awareness about the importance of the right to association and the need to protect it.

What is the difference between individual and group rights?

Group rights are held by a group of people such as a council or board. Individual rights are held by one person and one person only. Historically group rights have been used to breach the rights of individuals.

When was Open Rights Group created?

Open Rights Group was created in 2005.

Can a vehicle get repossessed if you are up to date on insurance and all payments?

Not usually, but extenuating or complicated circumstances might apply. I suggest you see a lawyer or consumer rights group (like the BBB).

What are collective rights?

Collective rights are rights held by a specific group, for example first nations people have the right to fish and hunt freely in Canada. French people have the right to speak in their own language and to be understood.

Bald eagles is consumer or a producer?

consumer,it is in a group called"birds."

What are the consumer group?

You knwo what I dont now!

When did Australian Bill of Rights Group end?

Australian Bill of Rights Group ended in 1999.

When was Australian Bill of Rights Group created?

Australian Bill of Rights Group was created in 1995.