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Today's government is made up of three branches-- the Legislative (Congress), Executive (President), and Judicial (Courts). Each of these branches holds different checks over the other branches.

There are actually several checks that each branch holds, but here are a few examples:

The President can veto a bill passed by Congress. This is a check that the Executive Branch holds over the Legislative.

The US Supreme Court can declare an act passed by Congress unconstitutional. This is an example of a check the Judicial Branch holds over the Legislative.

The President nominates federal judges for the Supreme Court and also for the other federal courts. Then, the Senate has to approve these nominees. This is actually an example of a couple of checks. The first is one that both the Executive and Legislative hold over the Judicial-- since they both have a say in who becomes a judge, they both check the judges in the US Supreme Court and in other federal courts. The second is one held by the Legislative over the Executive. This is that they must approve all nominees.

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Q: How does power check power in today's is government?
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Why was the system of check and balances built into the Constitution?

so that no one brach (legislative, judicial, or executice) would gain too much power and take over the government. With todays government, the three branches have power over each other to keep themselves fairly equal.

Is the power to check other government branches a non-legislative power?

Yes, the power to check other government branches is a non-legislative power

Examples of how state and national government separate share and check power?

They check their power and make sure they are equal.

A power or check of the executive branch of your government?


Role of power and politics in todays worlds?

power plays a drastic role in todays helps a nation accomplishing its goal.

Who provides a check for executive power?

The other arms of government provide check for executive power. The legislature which makes laws and the judiciary which interprets the law provide a check for executive power.

What affects did greek government have on todays government?

Ancient Greeks gave their citizens a right to vote.

How does this compound government double security to the people?

Central and State governments will check each others' power. ... Federalism makes sure that power is not held only by the government but by the government and the people

Which of these is a constitution check that the executive has to balance the power of the legislature in the US government?


What is it called when one branch of government has power to check another?

Checks and Balance.

What system divides the power and duties of a government into the 3 branches?

The Check and Balances

What government body checks the power of the President?

Both the Legislative (Congress) and the Judicial (Supreme Court), have the power to keep the President's power in check.