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You need to answer this question. We don’t do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. We don’t know who she is and to get an answer we need a who, what, when, where or how question.

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Q: How does she create this dominant impression?
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What does a poet do to create a specific dominant impression on a reader?

A poet can create a specific dominant impression on a reader by using vivid imagery, figurative language, and sensory details to evoke emotions and convey a specific mood or theme. They can also use word choice, tone, and structure to shape the reader's emotional response and leave a lasting impact through the poem's overall message.

Which of there elements must be in an descriptive paragraph?

A dominant impression

Which detail contributes to a dominant impression of danger?

rocks like jagged teeth

The details or clues that create a letter's impression are its?


What is the dominant impression in The libido for the ugly?

on their deep sides they are three four even five stories high

What is an example of Dominant Impression?

Walking into a bustling market filled with vibrant colors, fragrant smells, and the sounds of vendors calling out their wares creates a dominant impression of a lively and bustling atmosphere where one can immerse themselves in the local culture and experience.

How does Tennyson create an impression of Sir Lancelot?

He describes him as being rich and dashing.

What is the process an author uses to create an impression about a person in a story?

Characterization [APEX]

How right clothing can help us create a good impression?

aahahahahahahahahah not a boy can answer this

What the process an author uses to create an impression about a person in a story?

Characterization [APEX]

What is a style of painting that uses rippling light to create an impression of a scene?


How first impressions of a teacher create foundation for learning?

first impression create foundation for learning in pre school for children