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It supplies the government the money they need for.... politics and other stuff they need for the sake of economic least thats what we think.

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Q: How does tax help a community?
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How do you compute Community Tax in the Philippines?

To compute the community tax, you will need the basic community tax that should be applied based on income. As of 2013, the minimum basic community tax is five pesos for individuals, and five hundred pesos for corporations.

What is melaruse?

A Melaruse is a special tax assessed and added to your property taxes. As such, they are typically tax deductible. They may be for education, infrastructure or other items that will broadly help the community

Is community tax tax deductible?

buy everthing

When is the expiration of the community tax certificate in the Philippines?

Expiration of the the Community Tax Certificate is on the last day of the year.

What are community problems?


Can you claim compensation for been imprisoned for community tax?

can you claim compensation for been imprisoned for not paying community tax

What companies can help one to settle IRS debt?

Community Tax Relief can help a person settle an IRS debt. They offer flat rate payments and 0% interest payment plan options. All of their negotiators are tax attorneys.

What is poll tax?

The poll tax, a capital tax levied equally on every adult in the community.

What are some community problems?


What is valencia community college federal tax identification number?

Valencia Community College's federal tax id number is 59-1216316. The federal tax id is normally found on tax documents such as the W9.

Getting Affordable Tax Advice?

When tax season rolls around, people find themselves scurrying to find out about the latest deductions and credits. If you want to save yourself some hassle, there are some easy and affordable ways to get the professional tax advice you need. Consider the following tips when tax season comes around this season. First, know where to look for advice. Be sure to check at local law schools near your home for any clinical programs that come up during tax season. Law schools are notorious for handing students the opportunity to help with the tax problems that people in the community face. Usually these programs are lead by the top tax professors at law schools. These sorts of programs can help you claim all of the deductions that you deserve for the upcoming year. Also, be sure to check out the local business schools in your area. Business schools are also known for giving finance majors the opportunity to help out with the tax problems of people in the community. You can gain valuable help from students who are committed to using their tax knowledge to benefit the greater community. Another way to get affordable tax advice is by researching upcoming pro bono events in the community. A lot of tax lawyer associations will put on a few pro bono events during the year. The benefit of attending these programs is receiving tax advice from professionals who are already very established in the community. There is no need to worry that the knowledge of these professionals is not outdated. These sorts of professionals make every effort to keep up with changes in tax laws in order to benefit low income people in the community with tax issues. You may even want to go to your local library and ask a librarian about any good tax books. A librarian is a resource that is often sadly under used by the community. Your local librarian will likely know what types of tax books the lawyers and accountants in the area frequently check out. He or she can be a great resource for figuring out the best tax book to check out of the library. If you want to find a good tax book to help you do your own taxes for the upcoming year, then simply do not be afraid to ask the librarian for recommendations. She will be more than willing to help you.

How do you get Community Tax Certificate in Cebu City?

Community Tax Certificates are issued by the Barangay Treasurer in every barangay or from the City Treasurer's Office.