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Answer:The out come is huge. The British do not want to mess with us now.

We are called the United States of America, not the United States of Britian.

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Q: How does the outcome of the Revolutionary War effect the war cause?
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What important battle in 1781 decided the final outcome of the Revolutionary war?

what imporytant battle in 1781 decided the final outcome of the revolutionary war

What is the outcome of the Revolutionary War?

The outcome of the American Revolutionary War was peace of Paris and American Independence. P.S. i am sum1 else and i just wanted to say that the outcome of the american revolutionary war was to have peace and being not controled by the british.

What was the Revolutionary War final outcome?

americans were free after the war

How did the battle of lexington and concord affect the outcome of the war?

It started the Revolutionary War.

What was the biggest factor in the outcome of the revolutionary war?

The Americans won

Who did the Revolutionary War effect?

It affected the British and the Americans because it then cause many problems between them such as trade.

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Who lost a 50 pound bet on outcome of the revolutionary war?


Why was the Revolutionary War so important to the outcome of war?

Becuase without it this country wouldn't be were it is today

What was the effect of the Revolutionary War on the US?

It led to the creation of the US. During the Revolutionary War, the US did not yet exist.

What were the long term outcome of revolutionary war?

the americans won the war and the american got to make there on laws and thay was free

What effect do you think loyalists had on the outcome of the war?