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The president enforces laws through the creation of law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and even the local sheriff's department. And it may seem circular, but he uses other laws to enforce laws, and puts a "fitting" punishment to each law if broken.

Actually, NO, the President cannot create any law enforcement divisions or any other such institution. It is up to Congress to create any department, and to specify which duties fall under that department's purview. It is also up to Congress to fund that department's activities.

The President is responsible to see that the various law enforcement departments run smoothly. The department heads report to the President, and the President can direct those departments to concentrate on or relax enforcement of various laws (or areas of law). He is responsible (like the CEO of a large business) to see that everything is running smoothly.

Federal law enforcement officials act like any other law enforcement official. They have jurisdiction in their particular area of law (that is, the area that Congress has decided that department should be responsible for), and can arrest anyone anywhere the US has sovereignty.

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Q: How does the president enforce the laws?
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The main role of the president and the vice president is to enforce the laws?

the job is not to enforce the laws but to make them.

Does the vice-president enforce laws?

Only to the extent that the president empowers him. It is the president's job to enforce the law.

What is one power of the president in the executive branch?

To enforce the laws

Is it legal for the President or a police force to choose which laws they will enforce and which they will not?

It is not legal for a President or police force to only enforce laws they choose. All laws that are legal on the books should be enforced by all government and police entities.

What is executive power?

The power of the President of the United States, delegated or implied by the Constitution, to implement and enforce laws.

What department helps the president enforce federal laws?

Department of Justice

What department helps the president to enforce federal laws?

Department of Justice

What was an outcome of the whiskey rebellion'?

Washington showed that he would enforce Federal Laws as president as a result of the Whiskey Rebellion.

What is the excutive branch and what does it do?

The executive branch is made up of the President and Vice President. They enforce the laws .

What is the president's chief responsability?

The chief responsibility of the U.S. President is to enforce federal laws and the U.S. Constitution.

What responsibilities does the president have as commander in chief chief legislator and chief of state?

the responsibilities the president has is the enforce the laws

What is the main role of the president of the United States?

commander in chief!!!!!