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As far as it is now.

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Q: How far did the western border of the US extend in 1850?
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Does Pennsylvania extend west?

Yes it has a western border with Ohio but that is as far West as it goes (which is still pretty far East if you happen to live in the West).

Approximately how far is it from Russia's eastern border to its western border?


Approximetly how far is it from Russia's eastern border to western border?

going through the middle is about 4000 mi.

How far out did the Berlin Blockade extend?

The Soviet Union did not blockade its own zone, so the blockade applied only to the three Western sectors of Berlin: it did not 'extend out'.

Is the river Ord north or south western Australia?

The Ord River is in the northern region of Western Australia, not far from the Northern Territory border.

How far is mississuaga from Toronto?

The two cities border each other. Mississauga is Toronto's western suburb.

How far did they extend their empire?

How far did the umayyads extend their empire

How far is it to get to pa from spring field Illinois?

You can make the western border in just over 500 miles, but the eastern border is another 280 miles away.

What two countries form the far western border of the Mediterranean Sea?

Spain and Morocco, between which are the Straits of Gibraltar.

What mountain ranges separates spain and france?

France and Spain are separated by a mountain range known as the Pyrenees. France and Italy are separated by the Alps. Spain and Italy do not have a border and the Alps do not extend from Italy as far as Spain.

Which river runs north and south through the far western part of Tennessee along the Arkansas border?

The Mississippi River

Is the US's western border the Mississippi River?

No, you would be too far east.Actually, people in Colonial times thought that the US "ended"just over the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania--not sothen, when they found there was LAND (the Ohio Territory) beyond the mountains, they thought the Mississippi River was the US's westernmost border--not so!Western exploration showed just how huge the US is...The US's western border is the Pacific Ocean--- very far away from the Mississippi River.