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Extremely important, practically essential. Without unions, corporations could do whatever they want which means treating all lower employees like garbage and pay them next to nothing. Corporations are one of the most corrupt things in this country and without unions they could do anything and they will do anything for money. Employees who are unionized tend to have higher pay and treated better than non-unionized employees

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Q: How important do you think unions are for present day workers?
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Workers take over factories?

I think you're looking for "unions"

Why did Samuel gompers think labor legislation was necessary?

skilled workers skilled workers in craft unions to achieve economic gains.

Why do you think that unions can provide workers with power when it comes to negotiating with business owners?

Sample Response: Business owners need their workers to effectively run the businesses. Unions represent many of the workers. Therefore, if an owner cannot reach an agreement with a union, the owner knows the business will suffer. ~APEX

Why did Franklin Roosevelt think the Wagner Act and giving unions the right to collective bargainings would help the economy?

he believed unions would raise living standards for industrial workers

Why did Franklin d roosevelt think the Wagner act and giving unions the right to collective bargaining would help the economy?

he believed unions would raise living standards for industrial workers

Why did workers decide to join unions?

To speak with one voice

What do you think workers today con benefit from unions?

Yes i do . i think that is the only real way that the average working person is heard , taken care of and actually put first.

What did Samuel gompers think was an important weapon in fighting for workers rights?

he think that they are wrong.

We think Labor Day was meant to tell us that summer is over. but what was it really meant to be?

A day to honor workers and labor unions and their contributions to society.

What is the Liberal view on labor Unions?

Conservatives believe that labor unions do not have a place in the US. Unions represent only as small portion of the American work force yet they seem to exercise more power than they have. They strike for higher wages and better benefits, refusing to work till their demands are met. Conservatives see this as blackmail, because they wont work till they get what they want. Many of our most important workers have labor unions, such as teachers, or construction workers. Theses are key positions in the economy and if they don't work it throws everything off. They fail to see how their actions effect the world around them, that by striking they can make other people lose their jobs. And due to that fact that they demand higher wages, the cost to consumers will be high as a result. Conservatives wish to greatly limit union power. They also dislike that in order to be part of a unions you must pay dues, they think it is a violation to the workers rights. But all this is not to say that conservatives don't care for worker rights. But they do not think that labor unions are the right way to go about it.

How did national trades union affect workers?

Unions provide workers with collective bargaining power. The alternative is to cross ones fingers and hope that companies and corporations will be nice, play fair, and give raises when the cost of living goes up because "it's the right thing to do". I think anyone who's been an employee knows the likelihood of that happening. Sometimes unions do go too far when they shutdown essential services too long. But thanks to unions, most of us enjoy a 40 hour week (the norm before unions was 50 to 70 hours). As unions shrink so too does the benefits employers "give" to their workers. To find a job with a pension and health benefits is difficult and the unions are being slowly driven out of existence by corporations and government. Neither one of the above has any interest at all in having workers that have the power to strike, or to engage in collective bargaining. The interest of the people who are already rich and/or powerful (gov/corps) interest is in funnelling more money into the pockets of the CEO's and stock holders and out of the hands of workers. Anti-union stories in the media, which corporations and the government control, are all about convincing the average (non union) American worker that unions are bad, destructive and evil and so they use resentment to turn the average person against the unions also. By and large, it is working, which is unfortunate because most of what the media says about unions is patently FALSE. So as the American unions go, so does the American worker.

What affirmed workers rights to organize?

Nothing. The Federal government is still, today, preventing TSA workers from organizing because of 'national security', even though the FBI, Border Patrol, and Customs all are allowed unions. We don't have the protections we think.