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I think make improve my knowledge

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Q: Why is participation in this program important to you?
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Why is civic and political participation is important?

Civic and political participation is important so that decisions are not made by a few people. Participation by the masses insures greater freedom.

Why it is said that participation is important than winning?

it said that participation is more important because on participating we learn something from it, experience it.

What type of program is the CHAP program?

The CHAP Program is a non-profit program, which has the authority to review and survey certain agencies providing home care and hospice. This program also helps to determine Medicare Conditions and Participation.

What is President bush's program to encourage participation in religious charitable activities?

Charitable Choice Act

Participation in government?

Government participation is good for us tomorrow because together we can develop our country easily.

What is the importance of a job training program?

A training program always helps to be guided in the correct direction and the group participation also helps the learning process.

Why is people's participation in regional development important?

Peoples participation in regional development is important because of several reasons. Those reasons include community development, strategizing, problem solving, and stimulating progress.

Who was the president who signed legislation that officially opened the Little League baseball program to participation by girls?

begly morson#

What are the main functions of UNESCO?

UNESCO aims to promote international collaboration in education, science, culture, and communication. Its main functions include fostering cultural diversity, promoting education for sustainable development, preserving world heritage sites, and advocating for freedom of expression. UNESCO also works to advance scientific cooperation, gender equality, and human rights globally.

Participation in the democratic process is an important part of each individual's?

Voting and paying attention to the issues is the most important.

Strong parties may provide an important link between government and?

democratic participation

Why are practicing basic motor skills important for participation in activities?

so u can be gay