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Hobbes' and Locke's theories have little influence in American thought today. Hobbes' Leviathan has been used as a bible by the dictatorships of Africa. Locke had great influence during the time of the American Revolution. His writing influenced the Declaration of Independence. Today, all politics are local. Politics has been reduced to a combination of, "What have you done for me lately?" "I want mine now." And mantras. Too much American thought today consists of politically correct thinking and wants little to do with the writings of dead white men. Maybe some day America will return to such interest.

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Q: How influential are hobbes an lockes theories in American thought today?
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How did Hobbes influence the formation of American government?

Thomas Hobbes lived and died well before the time of the American Revolution. However, his ideas were very influential to John Locke. Locke had a major belief that every person had the right to life, liberty, and property. His thoughts were the main basis for the Declaration of Independence.

Which theory of the origin of state were Locke and Hobbes influential in the development of?


Did Thomas Hobbes and John Locke wrote about contract theories of government?


What did thomas hobbes think of human beings?

Thomas Hobbes thought that people were selfish, mean, and greedy.

Who thought that people where naturally selfish and violent?

Thomas Hobbes

What idea best expresses the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes?

Thomas Hobbes wrote a book called Leviathan in 1660 and it is about his theories about mankind as individuals and as governed by a sovereign entity - monarchy - under God.

What is the philosophy of Hobbes?

Hobbes believed in a strong government ruled by a single ruler and thought that people were greedy rude annoying and had a bad attitude

How did thomas hobbes influence american government?

Thomas Hobbes' theories on "The Social Contract" came before Locke's. Hobbes influenced him, that is why many experts or historians claim that Locke's ideas were "superior" and overall, more directly influential to virtually every democratic revolution following them. In reports, it is never sequenced as "Hobbes, in contrast to Locke...," it is always comparing Locke's ideas to Hobbes'.

Who thought that if people were left alone they would constantly fight?

Thomas Hobbes

Does the current American government reflect the principles and theories identified by Jefferson Hobbes Locke and Rousseau?

No. The US Federal Government has completely overstepped the boundaries set forth by the founding fathers. If they were alive now they would be leading a second Revolution.

What enlightened philosopher thought rebellion against government was never justified?

Thomas Hobbes

Hobbes explained his theories on government and social responsibilities in his book?

Leviathan - or the matter, forme and power of a common wealth ecclesiasticall and civil, from 1651