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It is essential to maintaining scial stability and security.

It gives peace, rights, and prosperity.

It is essential to the flourishing of men, women, and children.

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Q: How is the issue of justice related to the quality of life?
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Why do people lose their will to live?

It is a quality of life issue. I, for one, do not want to be living a life of pain and misery.

How are basic human needs and quality of life inter related?

Basic human needs and quality of life are very closely related. If a person does not have basic necessities, like food and shelter, their quality of life will be extremely low. Conversely, having all of one's basic needs met results in a high quality of life.

What is the significance of personality in life?

Quality of life has various dimensions with multiple meanings for people. One vital issue is whether a person's subjective experienced quality of life correlates with his or her personality. Several studies show a correlation between personality and quality of life, life satisfaction or well-being. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between personality and life quality, in particular the way in which multi-dimensional conceptualization of personality relates to a multi-dimensional definition of life quality. Seventy-eight elderly individuals completed a quality of life questionnaire, the Lund Gerontology Centre's Life Quality Questionnaire (LGC), and a personality questionnaire, the Gordon Personal Profile Inventory (GP:A). Discriminant analysis showed that various personality characteristics relate to different aspects of life quality. Vigour alone predicted current quality of life, while emotional stability was related to psychological well-being and satisfaction with significant relationships. Ascendancy and ability to maintain personal relations were related to an optimistic outlook on life and absence of psychosomatic symptoms. Original thinking and sociability related to increased psychosomatic symptoms and sociability also correlated negatively with satisfaction with significant relationships. The results support the idea that various personality characteristics are related to various life quality dimensions in the investigated group, increasing the understanding of unique experience of life quality for each individual.

Are federal disibility benefits available for bipolar people?

Yes, it is a quality of life issue and if it affects a principle function of life it can be under social benefits.

Definition of issue?

A topic that connects to citizenship, identity and quality of life, and on which well-performed people have different views and perspectives.

How is employment rate related to quality of life and standard of living?

standard of living depend on employment

What might quality of life mean for you when you are dying?

quality of life

Federal justice serve how many years?

The federal Justice serves for life. Almost any king of justice serves for life... :)

What has the author Crispin Jenkinson written?

Crispin Jenkinson has written: 'Quality of life measurement in neurodegenerative and related conditions' -- subject(s): Outcome Assessment (Health Care), Quality of life, Quality of Life, Outcome assessment (Medical care), Patients, Measurement, Nervous System Diseases, Nervous system, Rehabilitation, Degeneration

What is maximizing life quality?

What is maximizen life quality

Quality of work life?

The quality of work has a large effect on your life. If your work life suffers from a low quality, your personal life will also.

Are you enjoying quality of life yes or no if yes how?

Quality of life