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Q: What continent or region do you think has the greatest variability among nations in terms of quality of life?
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What is the definition of the word variability?

The quality, state, or degree of being variable or changeable

What tool is most useful for viewing the variability of a quality characteristic?

Control Charts

Disadvantage of a single supplier?

less quality variability,did not have a capacity to do work in more unit.

What does Lack variability mean?

Lack - verb, does not haveVariability - noun, the quality of change or difference

How does sample size affect validity of results in a research?

A large sample reduces the variability of the estimate. The extent to which variability is reduced depends on the quality of the sample, what variable is being estimated and the underlying distribution for that variable.

Why does barefoot wines labels do not have a vintage year?

The wine is blended for consistency. That eliminates variability in quality from year to year.

What has the greatest effect on the quality of groundwater?

A watershed has the greatest effect on the quality of ground water. If the watershed is contaminated, the nearest water source will also be contaminated.

Where is hydroelectric power foud in greatest quality?

in usa

What has the author Rodger F Ferreira written?

Rodger F Ferreira has written: 'Montana ground-water quality' -- subject(s): Water quality management, Groundwater 'Water-quality variability in four reservoirs in Phillips and Valley Counties, Montana' -- subject(s): Reservoirs, Water quality, Measurement

What united nations angency attempts to ensure that a nations economic development improves the people's quality of life?

I'm sorry, no such agency exists. The UN doesn't attempt to improve quality of life at all.

The greatest threat to your water quality?

wetland destruction

What does QFD mean in six sigma?

It stands for Quality Function Deployment and is used as a tool to analyze quality characteristics and deployment implementation. Six Sigma is a program that aims to improve the quality of process outputs through the identifying and removing of the reasons for defects and minimizing variability production and business processes.