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school is to educate government is to over see process of govering

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Q: How is the purpose of school similar to or different from the purpose of government?
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What is the purpose for school?

The purpose of school is learning. Without learning half of what a person does will stay hidden. School is a place where you do education different ways. If you don't learn in different ways understanding some things will be more difficult.

Where are the taxes go?

to the government for lots of different things, such as school buses.

Is a charter school like a public school?

They are very similar. A charter school follows different rules from the public school system and has higher requirements for their students.

What is a loi college?

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is similar to a contract. In schools, it is a part of the application requirement which states your purpose to be enrolled in the school.

Different kinds of nursery in TLE?

Government nursery school nursery commercial nursery

What is similar about the government and a school council?

they discuss subjects and the ideas are put foward in both cases and people get elected to care for particulare areas.

How do you know the pf balance for gujarat govt employee working as primary teacher?

The Employee Providence Fund is run by the government of India for it's school teachers. It is quite similar to teachers retirement funds at credit unions in the US, and just as here, it's deposited at different banks. You can find your balance at the bank your school has chosen for you.

The main purpose of the US Census is to find illegal immigrants so they can be deported?

Not at all. The census provides the government with information about its residents like: what's the average annual income, how many families are currently living below the poverty line, what's the percentage of Americans who graduate from high school, etc. It gives the government the numbers it needs so that different agencies can determine which laws work, which don't, what government agencies aren't doing their jobs, how many people are falling through the cracks, etc. It is definitely not the main purpose of the census. It isn't a purpose of the census at all.

When was Ateneo School of Government created?

Ateneo School of Government was created in 1996.

Where can I find more information on what an executive protection school is?

No it is not. You will learn different ways to be safe. It is usually required of government employees.

How is Australian government like school?

the australian Government is like a school because there are school rules that student have to obey and the government has laws which the WHOLE country has to respect.

Do you like to use uniforms?

i want to select a uniform for a school. do you have variety for this purpose? i want to select a uniform for a school. do you have variety for this purpose?