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Q: How long do you have to live in a state to be in the house of reps?
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Qualifications to be in the house of reps?

You must be at least 25 years of age and live in the state that you represent.

What state has the fewest reps in the house of reps?

Mr. Steele says 1.

Tennessee state reps?

There are 99 in the State House and 9 in the 111th US House.

Why do some state have more members in the house of representatives?

Because each state's number of members in the house is based on that states population. In example the # of house reps in california will be more then the # of reps for the state of rhode island

Duties of house of reps?

The duties of the house of representitives are to watch over the state

Which house of Congress is representation determined by the population of each state?

House of reps

How long is a house of reps term?

A two year term.

How long is the term for a member in the House of Reps?

2 years

What is the number of congressman based on?

the house of reps is based on population of a state. the senate has two from each state

How many members make up the house of reps?

There are 2 House of Representatives, The senate has 2 / state.

How many people are there in the house of senate?

This is the United States, where there is ot anything called the house of senate. There is a Senate which has 59 members, from each state. The other branch of congress is called the House of Representatives, and the number of reps in the House of Reps depends on the number that have been elected from each state district.

What is the factor in determining the number of Reps from each state in us house of Rep?