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i know the candidate from 10 months

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Hady Sarkis

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Q: How long have you known the candidate?
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What presidential candidate was known as maverick?

John McCain was the United States presidential candidate that was known as a maverick.

Which coattail effect is most likely to help elect which kind of candidate?

a less well-known candidate

Someone who is running for political office is known as this?

a candidate

In the 2008 presidential election which candidate was known as a maverick?

John McCain is known as a maverick.

What is the abstract noun of candidate?

The word candidate is an abstract noun; when you look at a person who is a candidate, that fact about the person is not visible to any of the five senses. The fact that a person is a candidate is something about a person that you learn, know, or understand. Another abstract noun form is candidacy.

Who was the who was the first president dark horse candidate?

James K. Polk in 1844.Polk is known as the dark horse presidential candidate.

What does the word candidate mean?

The word candidate is most used when a person is trying to take a role in a higher up position. A person running for chairman or mayor would also be known as a potential candidate.

Who was known to be the Northern Democratic candidate for president in 1860?

Stephen Douglas

Who was elected in as a dark horse or little known candidate?

James Polk...

Who was elected in 1844 as a dark horse or little known candidate?

James Polk...

Who was the log cabin candidate?

William Henry Harrison is the candidate in question. He was actually referred to as 'the long cabin and hard cider candidate.' The year was 1840 and he was running against Martin Van Buren.

What is A person who votes in a presidential election but does not vote for a congressional candidate is known as?

an independent voter