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about 75 miles long

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Q: How long is the Yakima River?
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What is the name of the city a river a ridge and an Indian reservation in south central Washington?

The city is Yakima, the river is the Yakima River, the ridge is the Yakima Ridge, and the Indian reservation is the Yakama Indian Reservation.

Where is the Yakima River located?

actually there is no Yakima river its actually a tributary that's connected to the Columbia River in Washington state.

Is the yakima river bigger than the snake river?


What are the minerals in the Yakima river?

i think it is made of coal!

What is a river that flows into the Columbia river?

The Pacific Ocean.

What are two major rivers in Washington?

The Columbia River is by far the longest and largest, being the fourth largest river in the North America. It has many major rivers that contribute to is, such as the Yakima River and Snake River (much of which is in Idaho), but its two largest tributaries are not in Washington, but rather Oregon and British Columbia.

Where is the best place to pan for gold in US?

Washington on the yakima river delta

What rivers in Washington start with Y?

The Youghiogheny River is a 134-mile-long river in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

How long does it take for mail from Yakima to get to Olympia?

3 days

Where is the Yakima Library in Yakima located?

The address of the Yakima Library is: 102 North Third Street, Yakima, 98901 2759

What is a Yakima?

A Yakima is a member of a Shahaptian tribe of native Americans, also known as Yakima.

How long does it take to drive from yakima to moses lake?

a little over an hour.