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Q: How long must you keep your political party affiliation?
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What political affiliation is John Lewis and how long has he been in politics?

John Lewis is a politician that is affiliated with the democratic political party. Hr has been active for many years and assumed a role in a committee in 1963.

Do Americans have the right to belong to clubs and political parties affiliated with communism?

Short Answer: YES Long Answer: A person's political affiliation is considered a form of symbolic expression and is protected by the First Amendment.

How long can you be leader in Canada?

In Canada, the leader of a political party may remain such as long as s/he has the support of a majority of his or her party's members.

What is political history?

a political history is a party when all the governments come together and its history because its from long ago.

How long did the Second Party System period last in the US according to historians and political scientists?

According to historians and political scientists, the Second Party System lasted from about 1828 to 1854, after the First Party System ended.

What political party does chuck schumer belong to?

how long was Chuck Schumer in office for senator

Why does the Democratic Party use race as a tool?

The full history of racialism in politics is long and complicated. The short answer is that the democratic party uses race as a tool because it is generally effective in amassing political power for the party.

How would the long rule of one political party in Mexico lead to corruption?

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without any real contenders, the political party known as PRI used the Mexican government and institutions as a cash-cow.

What is the main goal of a political party?

What is a political party's main purpose? A political party's purpose is to gain majority party control of the government by nominating candidates for office, coordinating campaigns, providing cues for voters, articulating policies, and coordinating policy-making.

Which director has a long-standing affiliation with actor Johnny Depp?


What party do both of Pennsylvania's US Senators belong to?

They are both Democrats although Specter who began his political life as a Democrat and switched to the Republican Party in 1965. A long time centerist he returned to the Democratic Party on 26 April 2009.

How did reformers try to change the spoils system?

When a political party comes to power, its leaders tend to place many of their faithful followers into important public offices. The use of public offices as rewards for political party work is known as the Spoils System.