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Four years. He promised one term and that is what he did. Polk added over 800,000 square miles to western territory and extended the boundary of the country to the Pacific Ocean. He also lowered tariffs and created an independent federal treasury.

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Q: How long was James Polk in office?
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How long was James Knox Polk in office?

He was in office for four years.

When was James Polk inaugurated as president?

Polk took office on March 4, 1845.

Did James K. Polk die in office?

James K Polk did not die in office. He died three months after his retirement on June 15, 1849, likely of cholera.

What years was James K. Polk in office?


Who was in office when gold was discovered in California?

James k. Polk

What is the name of James Polk's home?

Polk Place was the house that Polk had built for himself and his wife in Nashville. He died soon after he left office, so he did not enjoy his new house for long, but his wife lived in it for many years.

James Garfield and James Polk were the same age when they took office How old were they?


What did James K. Polk do when he retire?

President Polk died 103 days (three months) after leaving office.

What were James Polk's terms of office?

President Polk served one term, from March 1845 to March 1849.

Why was James K. Polk impeached?

He decided not to run for a second term and so left office because his term was up.

When James K. Polk was president how much salary did he earn?

The salary for the President was $25,000 per year when Polk was in the office.

Was James K. Polk a president before Abraham Lincoln?

Yes, Polk who the 13th president took office in 1845. Lincoln (#16) took office in 1861.