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The 30-minute Battle of Goliad was fought in the early-morning hours of October 9, 1835. It was the second battle of the Texas Revolution. The Mexican army, under the direction of Colonel Juan L?pez Sandoval surrendered.

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March 19, 1836.

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Q: How long was the Battle of Goliad?
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Why did the battle of goliad started?

There was no "battle of Goliad."

How long did the battle of the goliad last?

The battle occured on October 10, 1835. The battle lasted less than a day.

What does goliad mean in English?

It is a city that had a battle named battle of Goliad. It has to do with history and the capture of Goliad :)

What battle was first the Alamo or Goliad?

The first battle was the battle of Goliad October 6th 1935

What are facts about the battle of Goliad?

the battle of goliad was the second battle in the Texas revolution on October 9 1835

Why was the Battle of Goliad important?

The Battle of Goliad was important because it was on of the Mexicans first victory.

What battle followed the Battle of the Alamo?

The battle at Goliad

What did the Texas say while entering the battle of goliad?

Remember Goliad!

What did colonel fannin do at the end of the battle of goliad?

At the end of The Battle of Goliad, after Texans surrendered, Fannin and his troops were marched back to Goliad and imprisoned in the old presido.

What day was the Battle of Goliad start?

The Goliad Massacre started: October 9, 1835

What was the battle of goliad?

The Battle of Goliad was actually a relatively minor skirmish, but it was the first victory in the battle for Texas independence. One Texas was injured and three Mexicans were killed.

What are the battles of the Texas revolution in order?

Battle of Gonzalez, Battle of Goliad, Battle at San Antonio, Siege of the Alamo, Runaway Scrape, Battle of Coleto Creek, Goliad Massacre, Battle of San Jacinto