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Two Franklin Pierce and Franklin Roosevelt

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Q: How many Presidents with the first name of Franklin?
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How many US Presidents had the first name Franklin?

Franklin Pierce and Franklin Roosevelt.

How many US presidents have the first name Franklin?

2 there are two Presidents. President Franklin Pierce and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

How many presidents of the US have the first name Franklin?

Two. Franklin Pierce [14th president] and Franklin D. Roosevelt [32nd President]

How many presidents had the 1st name Franklin?

# Franklin Pierce, 1853-185 # Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-1945

What is the presidents name who has the anitials Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What was President Roosevelt's first name?

There were two presidents named Roosevelt. The first was Theodore Roosevelt, and the second was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What presidents middle name is Delano?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Which first lady had a husband and a uncle that were presidents?

That was Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin and niece of Theodore. She did not have to change her name when she married.

What is the 32nd presidents entire name?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

What was the presidents name in1940?

The President of the US in 1940 was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What is a presidents name that starts with a letter f?

Franklin PierceFranklin Delano Roosevelt

Why didn't Franklin Pierce have a middlename?

He had no middle name because his parents did not give him one. This was not unusual at his time. Of the first 17 US presidents, only two had a middle name.