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4- Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan.

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Q: How many US Presidents cremated?
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How many presidents were in the US?

there were 44 presidents in U.S.A.

How many presidents of US?


What is nomination?

Depends on context. US presidents, Oscars and many others.

How many former presidents are there in Wisconsin?

There are no former US presidents living in Wisconsin.

How many American presidents have been men?

All of the US presidents have been men. There have been no female presidents.

How many us presidents were from NC?


How many presidents did the US back then?

There were 31 presidents now, there is 32 because of obama.

How many presidents were named Nathaniel?

No US presidents were named Nathaniel.

How many us presidents had epilepsy?

No US president is known to have had epilepsy.

How many US presidents were assasssinated who were they?

Four US Presidents Abraham Lincoln James Garfield William McKinley John Kennedy

How many presidents never served in the senate?

There were 25 US presidents who never served in the Senate.

How many us presidents singed the Declaration of Indeped?

A lot of congress men singed it and presidents