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No one has that kind of data on a world-wide scale or during any period of history. It requires much more data than anyone has access to.

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Q: How many blacks have died as a result of oppression globally?
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How many blacks died in slavery?

All blacks who were used as slaves have died since the passing of the 14th amendment which ended slavery in the US. I assume you mean how many blacks died as a result of slavery. In that case, the number is around 4,000. Actual slave deaths were relatively low because they were very expensive and were only killed if they posed a threat to citizens or other slaves.

How blacks died during slavery?

blacks died during slavery because, they didnt have much food or drinks and they was beaten when they get acuse of stealling...

How many people died from corona virus globally in numbers?

i really don't have a clue

How many people died for blacks to vote?


How did the Civil Rights Act succeed?

Blacks died

Where did king jr march to and from?

martin Luther king march into the white slaves came and got the blacks and some died the blacks and some died Long time ago in (1964) when he was born

How many people died in the world war 2 poplution?

Globally, over 60 million people died. But no one knows for sure. That's an estimate.

Wheres is Jacob Blacks mom in twilight?

she died in a car crash before the first book

How many blacks were there during the Holocaust?

It is estimated that 25,000 to 50,000 African Germans died during the holocaust.

How many blacks died at the hands of angry mobs after the Civil War until around 1968?

It is difficult to provide an exact number, but it is estimated that thousands of blacks were killed by angry mobs in the United States from the end of the Civil War until around 1968. This period, known as the Jim Crow era, was marked by systemic racism and violence against African Americans.

Between 1881 and 1900 about how many African Americans died as a result of mob violence?

There are no accurate figures that can definitively provide the exact number of African Americans who died as a result of mob violence. Violence was rampant under the policy of Jim Crow, and in many cases, deaths were not recorded as family members sometimes feared repercussions if they attempted to get justice for their loved ones. However, between 1882 and 1968, over 3400 blacks were lynched.

What is the explanation to why the Confederacy did not draft slaves and free blacks into the army?

Your "facts" are in error.Between 65,000 and 100,000 blacks served in the Confederate Army. Let me restate that: as many as 100,000 blacks served in the Army of the South. These men were cooks, musicians, and soldiers.Of the 179,000 blacks who served in all aspects of the Union Army and 19,000 who served in the Navy, 40,000 died in service.Where the majority of Northern blacks volunteered, many of the Southern blacks were pressed into service, although quite a few volunteered to serve in the Confederate cause.