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James A. Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guiteau on July 2, 1881. As a result, President Garfield died on September 19th of that year.

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Q: Which president was shot to death by Charles Guiteay?
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What was the result of the death of President Lincoln?

he died by getting shot

What president was assassinated by a mentally disturbed office-seeker?

That describes Charles Guiteau, who shot President James Garfield.

Did president Lincoln complete all his terms?

No. He was shot to death early in his second term as President.

Who is charels guiteau?

the guy who shot and killed president Garfield. it's spelled Charles though.

Why is it important that president mckinley got shot?

This led to his death 8 days later.

How was President Garfield assassinated?

President Garfield was shot. One bullet got lodged in his back, leading to his eventual death.

What President had to be sworn in after the other President's death?

John F Kennedy got shot and Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in.

Who shot Charles Dickens?

The short answer to that is that Charles Dickens killed Charles Dickens. His friends believed that his public readings, which were vigorous and demanding, hastened his death. It's also possible that the strain of his relationship with Ellen Ternan (or actually the strain caused by his wife's reaction to Ellen Ternan) and the stresses inherent in juggling two households contributed to his death.

Second president die from being shot?

James A Garfield was shot in Washington D.C. at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 2nd, 1881 by Charles Guiteau.

Which Us President was attended by Dr Charles B Purvis?

James Garfield was given treatment by Dr. Purvis after he was shot .

What president got shot and then that person who shot the president shot himself?

no presidents got shot

Why did Garfield only have 1 year of president?

Garfield served as the President of the United States for only one year because he was assassinated in 1881. He was shot by Charles J. Guiteau and eventually died from infection caused by the bullet wounds.