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Q: Which US president was shot at 10.10?
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What president was shot in 1875?

No US President was shot in 1875. Lincoln was shot and killed in 1865 and James Garfield in 1880.

Which president shot his wife while visiting new york?

No US president ever shot his wife- I can not guess what possible president you are asking about.

Which president shot an elephant?

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt shot 11 elephants on his African safari in 1909.

Who was president lincolns vice president and the seventeeth president of the US?

Andrew Johnson was his Vice President and became president when Lincoln was shot.

What us president was shot on his way to a speech?

John Fitgerald Kennedy

What us president was shot after 4 months?

james Garfield was shot approximately four months after he took offiice,

Wasnt president roosevelt shot too in regard to how many US presidents were shot question?

No, Theodore Roosevelt was not shot during his term in office.

Who was the last us president to be shot dead?

John F. Kennedy, in 1963.

What us president died ten weeks after being shot?

James a. Garfield

Was the youngest us president and was shot in dallas?

John F. Kennedy was the one.

What US President got shot walking to Jerry Browns?

Gerald Ford .

What president got shot and then that person who shot the president shot himself?

no presidents got shot