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Ronald Reagan got shot in the lung and survived.

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Andrew Jackson before he became president, Ronald Reagan as president.

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President Ronald Reagan in 1981 outside the Hilton Hotel.

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Q: Which president got shot and lived?
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What president got shot and then that person who shot the president shot himself?

no presidents got shot

Was Reagan the only president to get shot and lived?

No - Theodore Roosevelt was shot and lived

What president is often compared to John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln?

I would say Reagan. Lincoln got shot. JFK got shot. The only president after that that got shot was Reagan.

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Which president was only president for 5 months before being shot?

the president that got shot after 5 months is James A. Garfield

When did Hanfeizi live?

he lived from about 1980 and got shot in 2011

Who got shot in the movie the Help?

President Kennedy

How long does it take to die from a bullet to the head?

Probably the second the bulllet got to your brain but when President Lincon got shot in the head/brain he could have lived. So the answer varies because modern bullets can kill you with one shot to the head, but bullets from 1800-1600 can't.

What did John F. Kennedy do after being a president?

he got shot.

Which president got shot in the car?

John F. Kennedy

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