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Q: Which US President lived in Australia?
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Do you have to live in US to be a US president?

You have to be born in US territory to be president and have lived in the US for 14 years.

Who was US president got Alaska for his presidency?

No US President was born in or lived in Alaska.

Can a person be president if they have lived outside the us?

Yes Bill Clinton lived in Europe for a while , but a person that was born outside the US even as a US citizen can not become a US President

What president lived in Washington state before they were elected?

No US president lived in Washington state. Herbert Hoover lived in Oregon as a boy.

Who was the first president of the US to visit Australia?

Lyndon Johnson in 1966 was the first US President to visit Australia. He was seeking support for the Vietnam War.

Is there a president that grow up in Delaware?

NO. No US president ever lived in Delaware.

What us president was shoot twice and lived?


Can you serve as president if you lived in the US for 15 years?


How long must the president have lived here in the us?

Fourteen years of residency in the US is required to become president.

A us president must have lived in the united state at least?

14 years of residency in the US is required to be the president.

Do you have to be American to be president?

Yes, the president of the US must be a native born US citizen who has lived in the US for at least 14 years.

Is the Prime Minister of Australia the same as the President of the US?