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James Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guieatu. Afterwards Chester A. Arthur became President. p.s. Not really sure how u spell Guieteau lol

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Q: Which president was assinated because he didn't give his friend a government official job?
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Who is the leader of government in the US?

To the extent that there is a single leader of the US government, the President, as head of the Executive branch of the government, is the leader. Because the US federal government is divided into three equal branches, it could be argued that there is no one leader of the government.

Why was President Harding popular with the American public despite the scandal?

President Warren G. Harding was popular with the American public because he lowered taxes for people and made things better in the country. Some of Harding's scandals were the Teapot Dome and the appointment of many of his friends to official positions in government.

Is a president the same thing as a sovereign?

Not at all. A sovereign is a king. The constitution prevents a president from being a king because the government powers are divided between branches.

Did the Framers envision such a strong role for the president?

No they built the president so that they would balance out because they did want a strong central government because from their experience with the British they didn't want a monarchy all over again

What are the roles of chief of state?

In the United States, the president is the chief of state because is the head of executive department of government. He represents the US in dealing with other nations. He appoints all the ambassadors and receiveds those from other countries. He is one that other heads of state visit and the one who sends people to go to state funerals of other dignitaries. the President both symbolizes and rules government (gradpoint)

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What is the president official role?

because of your stupid quesotins!

According to American government system impeach is to accuse of the president of the US and his cabinet True Or False?

False, because impeach is to accuse a public official of misconduct in office.

Who asssianated Richard nixton?

Its Nixon not Nixton...he was not assinated, he died because he suffered Stroke.

Why is the inauguration on a specific day?

well because that's the official day the president elect becomes president

What situation best illustrates the principle of the rule of law?

Congress impeaches the president

Why was John Tyler called the accidental president?

He was elected as the vice-president and became the president because the President took sick and died. He was the first president to take office without being elected to the position, and the press of the day called him "His Accidency" throughout his term of office.

Who has control over the government in a democracy?

The president because the president is in charge of his people in the United States.

When do governors signs bills and when do the president sign a bill?

if a president did not sign a bill so nobodyeven from the government official can approve to say pay instant of president if thing comfirm happening like that statement so the person who gave an order must face a trial and then the court would do the extreme judgement for him and would cause of his sack even in the top'of government because the responsibily is not belong to him just for president it means subsequnt

Why tax is important for the government?

because they suck goled is the new government president baroco goled

Why is the president called the president?

A President is called a President because the basic word "president" means the head of state of Republic, head of a company of government office.

Why is it important that the president have power to appoint official?

It is important because the president needs loyal subordinates that support the policies of the presidents administration.

Why did Jimmy Carter become president?

Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States. He became the president because he wanted to make the government competent and compassionate for the citizens.