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1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 all i know is she had 11 other siblings. does any one know if she had a mom and what her name is! @#$%^

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Q: How many brothers did sybil ludington have?
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How many sisters and brothers did Sybil ludington have?

Sybil Ludington had 11 other siblings. She was the oldest of all of them.

Did Sybil ludington go to high school or college?

sybil ludington was not educated unlike her brothers

Where did Sybil go to school?

sybil ludington was not educated unlike her brothers

Did Sybil Ludington have a mom?

Sybil Ludington's mother was Abigail Ludington.

Did Sybil Ludington go to school and if so where?

sybil luding ton did not go to school although her brothers did

Sybil ludington's horse?

Sybil Ludington's horse was Star

What jobs Sybil Ludington have?

Sort of. She was responsible for looking after her 12 brothers and sisters.

How many children did sybil ludington have?


Sybil Ludington how many children did she have?


Who was Sybil Ludington's father?

Henry Ludington

Does sybil ludington have any talents?

sybil ludington does have talents her talents are horse riding

How old was sybil ludington when she had her son?

Sybil Ludington was 31 years old when she had her first child