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15 Executive Departments.

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Q: How many cabinet post are there in the US?
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How many presidents served as vice president and in the Senate but did not serve in a cabinet post?

John Tyler, Andrew Johnson, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon were all vice-presidents and US senators but never held a cabinet post. ( Martin Van Buren was the only man to be the VP, US Senator and hold a cabinet post.)

How many cabinet officials are there in the US cabinet?


What cabinet department deals with farming?

In the US, it's the Department of Agriculture, headed by the cabinet post of the Secretary of Agriculture, currently Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

Will Al Sharpton be appointed to the secretary of any cabinet post in the US govt?

I think he would be a great attorny General of the US

How many cabinet departments are there?

There are 14 departments of the us cabinet

Who was the first woman to hold a US Cabinet Post?

Francis Perkins- she became the Secretary of labor in 1933 under FDR

Highest post of IAS?

Cabinet Secretary

How many cabinet posts are there?

There are 15 cabinet posts that have departments in the US government. There are also 8 cabinet level posts that do not have a department including the vice president.

Henry knox's cabinet post?

secretary of war

What cabinet post has had the most women Secretaries?


What do you call the group of departments heads who aid the us president?


The US treasury department is in what branch of government?

I would say the executive branch. The Secretary of the Treasury controls the US Treasury, and the S of T is a part of the executive branch since that is a cabinet post.