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Capt. Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" had 7 children.

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Q: How many children did Capt Von Trapp have in The Sound?
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How many von Trapp children are there in The Sound of Music?

Capt. Von Trapp had seven children. Watch the sound of music it tell the whole story. After the time frame of the movie, Captain Von Trapp married the governess and had 3 more children making a total of 10 children.

How many vonn trapp children were girls?

Five out of seven of the von Trapp children were girls.

How many children in the film sound of music?

The Von Trapp children in the musical are:Liesel, age 16Friedrich, age 14Louisa, age 13Kurt, age 11Brigitta, age 10Marta, age 7 (6 years old when Maria meets the children)Gretl, age 5

The Sound of Music how many children are there?

there are seven children in the Von Trapp family

Who is the father of the Trapp family in The Sound of Music?

The father of the Trapp children was Captain Georg Ludwig von Trapp. He was portrayed by many different actors in the numerous Broadway productions, and by Christopher Plummer in the 1965 musical film staring Julie Andrews.

How many governesses were before Maria in The Sound of Music?

There were 11 governesses before Maria. She was the 12th for the Von Trapp family.

How many von trapp girls are there in the sound of music?

There are five female children and, after the marriage, Maria makes six. The mother of the kids would have been a seventh, but she is never shown. In real life, there were five girls, then Maria, then two daughters of Maria and the Captain.

How many von trap children are alive?

There were seven: Liesl (Charmian Carr), Friedrich (Nicholas Hammond), Louisa (Heather Menzies), Kurt (Duane Chase), Brigitta (Angela Cartwright), Marta (Debbie Turner) and Gretl (Kym Karath). There were 10, not 7 Von Trapp children. Georg Von Trapp had 7 children with his first wife, Agatha: Rupert, 1911-1992; Agathe, 1913- ; Maria, 1914-? ; Werner, 1915-2007; Hedwig, 1917-1972; Johanna, 1919-1994; and Martina, 1921-1952. Georg then had 3 children with the governess, Maria, whom he married 5 years after the death of his first wife. Georg and Maria's children's names were: Rosmarie, 1928- ; Eleonore, 1931- ; and Johannes, 1939-. The names of the Von Trapp children were changed for the movie The Sound of Music for some reason.

How many children your in the sound of music?

7 children

How many rooms in the Von Trapp Mansion?

We are never told.

What is a musical involving many children?

Sound of Music The King and I

How did Captain Von Trapp become a baron?

Nobility can be inherited or earned. Georg Ludwig Trapp served in World War I as a U-boat commander. His exploits on the battle earned him his Austrian nobility. It also helped that he married a very rich heiress, Agatha Whitehead. Together they had 7 children before his wife died. It was in 1926 that he hired a tutor for one of his sick daughters, Maria Kutschera, whom he married in 1927 and had 3 more children. So, the movie isn't exactly true to the actual events as many years passed before they left Austria in 1938. Georg Ritter von Trapp lost most of his fortunes when the banks of Austria collapsed. If his name is Georg Ritter von Trapp, then he is not a Baron, but a knight; i.e. the second lowest rank of nobility, which are Lower nobility: von... nobel Ritter von.... Knight Freiherr von... Baron (Baron as a title does not exist in original German nomenclature, even the famous "Red Baron" was not a Baron, but a Freiherr) Higher nobility: Graf von... Count Herzog von... Duke Royal Houses Imperial Houses Links: Lodge owned by von Trapp family in Colorado. Music of the von Trapp children: History: