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Franz Ferdinand had 3 children

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Q: How many children did franz Ferdinand have?
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How many children did franz have?

Franz Ferdinand had 3 children

What day was franz ferdinand shot?

Franz Ferdinand and his wife was shot on Sunday, 28 June 1914. He and his wife had three children together.

What was the relation between Franz Josef and Franz Ferdinand?

Emperor Franz Josef was Franz Ferdinand's uncle.

When was Franz Ferdinand born?

Franz Ferdinand was born on December 18, 1863.

What did Britain have to do with the assassination of franz Ferdinand?

They did in no way, have anything to do with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

What is Franz Ferdinand's birthday?

Franz Ferdinand was born on December 18, 1863.

What assassination triggered world war 1 in Europe?

The Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand, although his murder wasn't the primary cause.

What is the birth name of Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand's birth name is Franz Ferdinand Karl Ludwig Joseph von Habsburg-Lothringen.

Why was Franz Ferdinand visiting Sarajevo?

Franz Ferdinand was inspecting the troops of Austria-Hungary.

Was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand German?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was Austrian. Not german.

Who was the killer of Franz Ferdinand?

The killer of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was Gavrilo Princip.

What was Franz Joseph's reaction to Francis Ferdinand's assassination?

After a difficult relationship with his nephew, Franz Ferdinand, Franz Joseph allegedly told his daughter it was actually a relief from a great issue when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The two had a contentious relationship especially after Franz Ferdinand married a Czech countess, Sophie.