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13 There were 13 colonies but, later on we added more states.

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As far as we got 9 states ratified it.

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13 plus some territories.

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Q: How many colonies are there during the signing of the US Constitution?
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How many colonies were represented during the signing of the declaration of independence?

13 - also why there are 13 stripes on the flag

How many states did the US have during the writing of the constitution?

The thirteen original colonies

What role did Rufus King play in the Constitutional Convention?

There were many actions that Rufus King took to help the US Constitution. He was a Massachusetts delegate during the Continental Convention. He rallied for the support of colonies for the fight for independence. He also was one of the signers of the US Constitution.

How many colonies were represented in the signing of the Declaration of Independence?


How many delegates the Constitution?

I think 35 of the 55 delegates were at the writting of the Constitution. Not the signing but when it was accually written

How many men were left to discuss the final signing of the constitution?


How many colonies or states signed the Constitution?

13 states and 13 colonies

How many years after signing the constitution was the bill of rights added?

4 years

How many states were represented constitution?

the 13 original colonies

How many colonies were by the time when the American constitution was written?


How many years has it been since the signing of the constitution?

The British always had troops in the colonies . After 1773 the numbers grew in the men who were stationed in the colonies. So, if we do the math 1789-1773 is about 16 years give or take. I use 1773 as a base year because after the Tea Party there was a massive infusion of British soldiers.

How many delegates signed the document at the constitutional convention?

40 delegates signed, 13 weren't there and didn't sign, and 3 refused to sign.