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The constitution has amendments.

The Bible has commandments. 10 of them.

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There are 27 amendments to the Constitution.

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27 :)

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Q: How many commandments are there to the constitution?
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What is the purpose of the first ten commandment to the Constitution?

There are no "commandments" in the constitution , but amendments. The first 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights.

How many commandments were there before the Ten Commandments?

613 commandments.

How many commandments where given to Moses?

Ten commandments

How many are the comanments of God?

The bible has many of gods commandments, but the main are the ten commandments.

How many commandments are there in observing guidelines for borrowing?

there are eight commandments in observing guidelines for borrowing.

How many commandments did the Torah have?

The Torah did have, and still has, 613 commandments, according to Jewish tradition.

What formed the basic moral laws of many nations?

The Ten Commandments

Who was the only person to break all ten commandments?

I am sure many, many millions of people have 'broken' all ten commandments. Particularly since the majority of people that do not recognise them as commandments.

Which US Constitution amendment says you cannot kill people?

You're thinking of the 10 Commandments from the Bible. The US Constitution doesn't say anything about killing people, although federal and state laws do.

How many commandments did the scribes identify?


Based on previous supreme court rulings which would be considered a display of the ten commandments that does not violate the constitution?

a large cultural and historical display

What was the first written code of law known as?

Depends who you are asking, but many would say the 10 commandments.