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Q: How many cotyledons in papaya?
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Is a papaya a dicotyledonous?

Yes, papaya is a dicotyledonous plant. Dicotyledonous plants are characterized by having seeds that typically have two embryonic leaves, called cotyledons, upon germination. Papaya seeds contain two cotyledons, placing it in the dicot category.

Is papaya is monocot?

Papaya tree is a dicot belonging to the Caricaceae family. The basic difference between a monocot and a dicot is based on the number of cotyledons present in the embryo. A dicot has two cotyledons whereas a monocot has one cotyledon. The cotyledons are seed leaves produced by the embryo. They absorb the nutrients present in the seed until the seedling is able to grow new leaves and begin photosynthesis.

Is a papaya monocot or dicot?

A papaya plant is a dicot because it belongs to the family Caricaceae, which includes other dicotyledonous plants. Dicots have seeds with two cotyledons, while monocots have seeds with one cotyledon.

How many cotyledons does a groundnut have?

A groundnut (peanut) has two cotyledons.

Is Mango leaf dicotyledon?

A mango seed is a dicot because it has two cotyledons. Cotyledons are the first embryonic leaves of a germinating seed. Other examples of dicots are apple, papaya, custard apple, and sunflower.

How many cotyledons does a kidney bean have?

a kidney bean seed has 2 cotyledons

How many cotyledons have the placenta?

normal placenta may have 15 - 28 cotyledons

Is papaya tree a monocot?

Yes, the papaya tree is considered a dicot plant, not a monocot. This is because papaya trees have broad leaves with reticulate venation and flower parts in multiples of 4 or 5, unlike monocots which have narrow leaves with parallel venation and flower parts in multiples of 3.

Is a papaya plant Monocot or Dicot?


How many cotyledon does a eggplant have?

It has 2 Cotyledons. Therfore, making it a dicot ;)

How many cotyledons does pineapple have?


How many cotyledons does paddy have?