Who is William farquhar?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well there are to many. Many Farquhar's are named William. there is to many to answer.

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Q: Who is William farquhar?
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When was William Farquhar born?

William Farquhar was born in 1770.

When did William Farquhar die?

William Farquhar died on 1839-05-13.

When did William Henry Farquhar die?

William Henry Farquhar died in 1887.

When was William Henry Farquhar born?

William Henry Farquhar was born in 1813.

When was William Farquhar Barry born?

William Farquhar Barry was born on 1818-08-18.

Why did Major William Farquhar come to Singapore?

William farquhar came to singapore when your mum died

What has the author William W Farquhar written?

William W. Farquhar has written: 'Motivation factors related to academic achievement. --'

Who is stamford raffles assistant?

William Farquhar

Is William Farquhar the Founder of Singapore?

no he is not Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles is the founder. William farquhar is the 1st resident of Singapore.He was in charge of everything in Singapore when stamford raffles left Singapore.

What has the author William Farquhar Payson written?

William Farquhar Payson has written: 'The triumph of life' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Mahogany, antique and modern' -- subject(s): Furniture, Mahogany 'Periwinkle'

Where to find pictures of William Farquhar?

On these link you can find William Farquhar photographs:

Why was William Faquar sacked by Stamford Raffles?

William Farquhar was dismissed by Stamford Raffles due to disagreements over governance policies in early Singapore. Farquhar's lenient and profit-oriented approach clashed with Raffles' vision of stricter control over trade and development in the region. Raffles believed that Farquhar’s policies were hindering the long-term strategic interests of the British administration.