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When William Penn Died He was 74 years old

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William Penn was 74 when he died.

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Q: How old was William penn when he died?
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How old was penn when he died?

When William Penn Died He was 74 years old

How old is William Penn?

Today William Penn is 366.William Penn died long ago, July 30, 1718 in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

How old was William penn?

William Penn was 74 years old. Born October 14, 1644 and died July 30, 1718.

How many years old was William Penn when he died?


Where did William penn die?

William Penn died in Ruscombe, Berkshire.

When did William Evander Penn die?

William Evander Penn died in 1895.

When did William Penn Brown die?

William Penn Brown died in 1929.

When did William Penn Adair die?

William Penn Adair died in 1880.

When did William Penn die?

William Penn died on July 30, 1718

How old was William penn when he founded Pennsylvania?

William Penn was 38 years old when he founded Pennsylvania. William Penn was also a Quaker and a philosopher.

Where was William penn born?

William Penn was born in...

When did William Penn Patrick die?

William Penn Patrick died on 1973-06-09.