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Many countries vote for their president, including the United States, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Costa Rica, Finland, and Mexico. This is only a partial list, and there are over 153 countries with presidents.

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Q: How many countries vote for their president and which are they?
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How many citizens have to vote for a president?

No one is forced to vote for president

Can people in other countries vote for president of the US?

NO. we dont even vote for our own president, we v ote for an electoral college. gay.

What do you call countries that vote a president in?

It is called a Democratic country. I hope this helped

Is your vote for president and vice president meaningful in the electoral college system?

Yes it is, as long as you have the right age to vote your vote counts in the Electoral College System by one simple vote there can be many outcomes.

Do the people really vote for president?

No, the vote for president is called the popular vote and that does not count. When you cast your vote for president, you are actually voting for the electors to vote for the president.

How many electors does Indiana have?

11 presidential electors who vote for the president and vice-president.

Who casts the deciding vote when there is a the vote in senate?

The Vice-President, who is President of the Senate, can vote to break a tie vote.

How old does citizen have to be to vote president?

It depends which country you live in. In most countries, including American, the age is eighteen.

How many countries allow their citizens to vote?


Who is the president of the senate and who can that person vote?

That is the Vice President of the US. They only vote when there is a tie vote.

Who is the the presedant of the senate and when may the person vote?

Maryana Pinchuk is the president and will never vote as long as she/he is president . They will vote when they are not the president of the senate.

What are the duties of the of the vice-president?

The US vice president is the presiding officer the US Senate and can vote in the case of a tie vote. He has to be ready to take over as president if needed. He may also take on special assignments that the President may give him, such as going to state funerals or visiting disaster areas or foreign countries as a representative of the President. .