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Eddy says elevnty eight days

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Q: How many days does George Washington want to be laid out just to make sure he was really dead?
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Why is George Washington dead?

because he got really old.

What is the date of George Washington's death?

george whashigton is not dead but the other whashington is dead george whashigton is not dead but the other whashington is dead

Where was George Washington when he dead?


What was George Washington result of his work?


When did George Washington get killed?

he was dead by death

What is george washington responsibility?

None. The man is dead.

What has changed about George Washington?

He was alive and now he is dead.

When did George Washington join the Civial War?

he didnt! he was dead!

Why did they wait four days to bury George Washington?

Given "medical science" of the day, it wasn't unusual for someone declared dead to come back to life

Is George Washington dead yet?

No he is my best friend how could you say that.

Is George Washington dead yet and how do you know?

yes he is buried at mount vernon.

How old was George Washington in the Civil War?

He didn't have an age because he was dead!