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yes he is buried at mount vernon.

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Q: Is George Washington dead yet and how do you know?
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Is George Washington dead yet?

No he is my best friend how could you say that.

Where was George HW Bush buried?

George Washington was buried at his estate on Mt. Vernon. Today, you can go and visit the estate as part of a tour.

What foreign policy issue did George Washington face?

he faced something i dont know yet

What does George Washington tombstone say on it?

Plaque inside Washington's Tomb ("I am the Resurrection and the Life; sayeth the Lord. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die." John 11. 25.26)

Was George Washington in the war when he was a president?

No - the Office of President was not yet created

Who was the president in 1678?

There was no United States yet in 1678.

When was George Washington born height?

All the words are English, and yet...

Who was the Only president who did not Live in Washington DC?

George Washington, because the city didn't exist yet.

How old was Abraham Lincoln when George Washington died?

George Washington died in December 1799; Abraham Lincoln was born in February 1809. Abraham Lincoln was not yet born when George Washington died. George Washington died in 1799. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, 10 years after George Washington died.

Is Saint George dead yet?

Yes, he died in the year 306.

Did George Washington fight for the state Washington?

No He didn't. He fought for the freedom of America. The state of Washington hadn't been founded yet

Did George Washington give any famous speeches?

it has not been answered yet.