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The number of delegates needed to nominate by the democrats is 2,025 .

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2,024 delegates (there is a total of 4,047 Democratic delegate votes)

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2162 delegates are needed

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Q: How many delegates are needed to be nominated as president?
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How many number of Anglo-Indians can be nominated by the President to the Lok Sabha is?

Two Anglo-Indians can be nominated by the President of India to Lok Sabha.

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How many delegates does a candidate need to get the republican nomination?

1144 delegates are needed to win the 2012 Republican nomination.

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What did the southern state delegates do when Stephen Douglas was nominated for president?

Many Southern delegates did not participate in the eventual choice of Douglas. Others walked out of the second meeting in Baltimore.The first meeting of the national convention of the Democratic Party was held in Charleston, South Carolina in April, 1860, but 50 Southern delegates would not participate because a pro-slavery platform was voted down. This led to a deadlock among the remaining delegates, because Stephen Douglas could not get a 2/3 majority of all registered delegates.The convention adjourned and reconvened in Baltimore two months later, where new delegates were seated, prompting many of the remaining Southern delegations to also withdraw. With Douglas the choice of 99% of those voting, the 2/3 rule was suspended and he was declared the nominee.Southern Democrats met separately and nominated their own candidate, sitting Vice President John Breckenridge.

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It depends on what country or organisation you are electing a President of. USA or Bootle Golf Club?

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12 and 2

What is the Great Compromse?

The Great Compromise of 1787 was an agreement by which the members of Congress agreed how many delegates would be needed to fill the Congressional seats. This was necessary to determine how many delegates could be from each state.