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The number of DEMOCRATIC delegates Ohio receives 162 delegates for the convention, 92 of which are elected democratically through 18 Congressional District caucuses held tonight (January 3rd). Each caucus is afforded a certain number of male and female delegate positions to be filled from their region. A NYTimes link talking about all states Democratic Delegates.

They also have a breakdown of Republican delegates:

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Ohio has 16 representatives in the US House of Representatives as of 2011.

There are 99 members (state representatives) in the Ohio legislature.

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Ohio has 161 delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. It has 88 delegates to the Republican convention. It votes on Tuesday, March 4.

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Ohio has 20 electoral college votes

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Q: How many delegates does Ohio have in electoral college?
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How many delegates represent Arkansas in the electoral college?

Arkansas has 6 electoral voters for 2012

How many delegates in north Dakota?

If you are asking about delegates to the Electoral College, based on the 2010 Census North Dakota has 3 electoral votes.

Why did many delegates feel an Electoral College was necessary?

because they felt like it

How many electoral college delegates are there for Oregon?

The answer is 65. They have 52 regular delegates and 13 super delegates.

How many states require electoral college delegates to vote for a candidate who won in their state?


Why are states like Ohio and Florida so important in the electoral college?

Because they both have so many electoral votes. Ohio has 18 electoral votes. Florida has 29 electoral votes.

How many votes did chesthur a arthur get?

won over 300,000 popular votes but no electoral college delegates.

How many states pus DC require their Electoral College delegates to vote for the candidate who won their state?


How many US electoral college delegates are there for Texas?

Senators+Representatives=Electors, so; 2+32=34

How many delegates does RI have?

Rhode Island has three delegates to the Electoral College. This is the minimum amount, because they have a delegate for each senator and their single congressional district.

How many delegates did Hillary Clinton win in Iowa?

Hillary Clinton did not get any electoral college delegates in the 2016 election. Donald Trump won Iowa's 6 electoral votes in the 2016 election. The popular vote count was Donald Trump 800,983 and Hillary Clinton 653,669.

How many electoral votes did Mitt Romney receive in Delaware?

None. He is seeking delegates to the Republican National Convention in an attempt to become the Republican nominee for President--not electors to the Electoral College which he will need to actually become President.