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One. The President is the executive. You may consider the VP part of the branch as well, but really it consist of the President. The Judiciary Branch is the 9 Supreme Court Justices. Congress makes up the Legislative Branch

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The "Executive Branch" of the U.S. government includes the Office of the President (including National Security Council and OMB and 9 other offices), Vice President, the Cabinet (the Attorney General and the other 14 Department Secretaries), all of their respective federal agencies (over one hundred of them) and all of their staff and other employees. There are also 42 independent agencies, such as the CIA, OPM, SEC, SBA, FTC, US Postal Service, GSA, EPA, NASA, Federal Reserve System, FDIC, NTSB, NLRB, NRC, Peace Corps, Social Security Admin, etc.

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The executive branch is one of the three branches of U.S. government. It is led by the President (or commander-in-chief). Following the President is the Vice President. The President picks people to make up his/her Cabinet. The Cabinet advises the President on issues like education, veteran affairs, and foreign issues.

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Q: How many executives are there in the executive branch?
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What three executive departments did Washington organize after taking office?

What are the four departments in the states executives branch

What branch vetoes bills?

Executive, because the Federal executive (president) vetoes bills from our national legislature (Congress) and the governers (state executives) veto bills from our state legislatures.

What are the two main duties of the heads of the executive departments?

The executives main duties are to command the army and to uphold laws that have been passed by the legislative branch...

What is the executive branch called at the state level?

The Governor is the head of the executive branch of a state government.

How the executives controls the legislature and the judiciary?

Under checks and balances system of constitution, executive branch "checks" legislative branch through veto power. Executive branch "checks" judicial branch through appointment power (appointing judges/justices).

Which legislative branch?

Executive, because the Federal executive (president) vetoes bills from our national legislature (Congress) and the governers (state executives) veto bills from our state legislatures.

What is the primary purpose of each branch of government?

The Executive branch lives only to get high. The Judicial branch gets angry at the high Executive branch and then hires the Legislative branch to clean up Executives mess. overall, it is very counterproductive.

What are executives?

Executive Orders are generally orders from the President of the United States to staff of the executive branch and not to citizens. Article I, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution specifically reserves all federal legislative authority to Congress, not the president.

Which branch can have the us agree to a treaty with a foreign country?

The Executive branch has the authority to negotiate and enter into treaties with foreign countries. However, the Senate must ratify the treaty by a two-thirds majority before it becomes legally binding.

What is the plural of chief executive officer?

Individually, chiefs, executives, officers. Collectively, Chief Executive Officers

Who is chief executive is?

The plural of "chief executive" is "chief executives"

How many elected leaders are part of the Executive Branch?

There are 13 or 538 members of the Executive Branch.