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Yes. The House of Representatives has initiated impeachment proceedings against a total of 19 federal judges since the Judicial Branch was established in 1789, including one US Supreme Court justice (Samuel Chase). Seven were ultimately removed from office following conviction in their Senate trial. Eight of the remaining nine were acquitted or resigned office to avoid the consequences of a trial. One judge is currently awaiting trial in the Senate.

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There have been at least 65 federal judges who have been impeached as of 2014. The process of impeachment results in a trial but does not always end up with the judge being removed.

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Q: How many federal judges have been impeached?
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How many Federal judges have been impeached over the course of American history?


How many federal court judges have been removed by congress?

As of March 2010, the House of Representatives has impeached nineteen federal judges since the Judicial Branch was established in 1789. Seven judges were removed from office as a result of conviction at their Senate trail. The rest were either acquitted, or resigned before the trial.

How many US government officials had been impeached before 1867?

One Senator was impeached and found guilty, three Federal Judges were impeached and two were found guilty, one supreme court justice found not guilty and one President found not guilty.

How many federal judges has George W Bush appointed?

200 Bush appointees have been confirmed to the federal bench

How many officials have been impeached throughout US Histroy?

As of mid-2009, seventeen US federal office holders have been impeached, including presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. One cabinet member has been impeached, one senator, and one US Supreme Justice. Twelve other federal court justices have been impeached. Note that impeachment does not mean being removed from office. It merely means that Congress brings charges against the office holder. (See link below.)

How many governors have been impeached?

As of September 2021, nine governors in the United States have been impeached.

How many judges are there on the federal supreme court?


How many black and hispanic federal judges are there?


How many presidents have been impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate?

No US presidents have been impeached and convicted and so removed from office.

How many judges are on US court of federal claims?

There are sixteen judges on the US Court of Federal Claims. They serve 15-year terms of office.(16)

How many people have to vote to accuse an impeached official?

What is the required vote that is neccasry to convict someone who has been impeached

What protects federal judges from political pressure to make a certain ruling?

Unlike State court judges, which in many States are subject to election, Federal judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, and only then are appointed to the Federal bench. Federal judges remain in office as long as they want to. Federal judges are only subject to discipline for misconduct through impeachment in and by the U.S. House of Representatives and removal from office upon trial and conviction in and by the U.S. Senate.Obviously, then, any ruling that would arise from and comprise actionable misconduct would be avoided by federal judges. Actionable misconduct does not necessarily include rulings that are alleged to be politically motivated. The U.S. Constitution defines actionable misconduct as "high crimes and misdemeanors", and there are statutes, rules and common law which define these.Added: Short answer: Their lifetime appointment.