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We don't have inaugurations due to a presidents death, the vice president is merely sworn in, but it isn't a huge ceremonial type thing. So I guess I would say 0.

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Q: How many inaugurations have taken place due to a presidents death?
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When is Inaugurations day?

From 1933 onwards, Inauguration Day has taken place on January 20. Before that, (from 1793 to 1933) it was held on March 4.

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Nine, 8 through the death of an incumbent and 1 due to resignation.

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Where have the presidents been sworn in the most?

Ever since Washington, D.C. became the capital of the United States in 1800, every public U.S. presidential inauguration has been held at the U.S. Capitol Building with two exceptions: James Monroe's first inauguration (the Capitol Building was still being rebuilt at that time after being destroyed by British forces during the War of 1812) and Franklin D. Roosevelt's fourth inauguration.The most popular location for public presidential inaugurations has been the Capitol's East Portico, but every public inauguration beginning in 1989 has taken place at the west front of the Capitol Building.

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No U.S. President has ever been removed from office.

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