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Q: How many justices are there in the Judicial Branch?
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How many justices in the judicial branch in Iowa?


What branch has 9 judges?

I assume you're asking about the branch of government, Executive, Legislative, or Judicial. The Judicial is the supreme court, with nine justices (the words judicial and justice come from the same root, see).

Name 3 different kinds of members in the Judicial Branch?

There are no qualifications in the judicial branch. Justices and judges are appointed.

What branch is made of 7 justices in the supreme court?

The Supreme Court is made of 9 justices and is part of the judicial branch.

Who are the people that works in the judicial branch?

Judges. Justices (in US)

How are the nine justices in the judicial branch appointed?

Sorry your question is unclear. Most countries have Justices and a Judicial branch. When asking questions on this site you need to be precise and state which country's judicial branch you are asking about as the people who answer these questions do so from all over the world.

Does the Judicial branch appoint judges to the supreme court?

No. The Executive Branch appoints US Supreme Court justices with the approval of the Senate.

Can the judicial branch impeach judges and change number of Supreme Court justices?

No. These are functions of the Legislative Branch.

What branch of government are the eight Associate Justices of the US Supreme Court in?

The eight Associate Justices and Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court are in the Judicial Branch.

Which branch nominates justices?

Actually, the judicial branch appoints people to be in the executive branch.

How many judges are in supreme courts?

The United States Supreme Court consists of nine justices. The justices are appointed by the president and remain justices for life. The Supreme Court is part of the judicial branch of the U.S. government.

Who can refuse justices' appointments?

The US Senate can refuse to confirm appointments to the Judicial Branch.