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No. The Executive Branch appoints US Supreme Court justices with the approval of the Senate.

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No. Supreme Court justices are appointed by the executive branch (the President) and confirmed by the judicial (the Senate).

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Q: Does the Judicial branch appoint judges to the supreme court?
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Which branch takes care of the supreme court?

the judicial branch is the branch in which the Supreme Court derives its authority. However, the executive branch reserves the right to appoint judges, and the legislative branch has the right to approve or disapprove of the president's choices.

What do we call the nine judges that make up judicial branch?

The judicial branch is not just the nine judges of the Supreme Court although these "Supreme Court Justices" are the most important judges in the judiciary.

What government branch Supreme court justice and federal judges?

Judicial Branch.

Whose included in the judicial branch?

the nine supreme judges... :)

Which branch has the power to appoint supreme court justices and orther Federal judges?

Executive Branch.

What does the judicial branch do and who's in it?

The judicial branch is the court systems and includes federal and state judges as well as the Supreme Court.

Who is in the judicial branch and the executive branch?

Judicial: federal judges Executive: President, Vice President, his cabinet...

Does the governor have the authority to appoint members of the judiciary?

No, the Judicial Branch is composed of judges. A governor is in the Executive Branch of state government.

What is the branch of the government that judges people by laws and what is the name of its highest office?

Judicial branch Supreme court

Can the judicial branch impeach judges and change number of Supreme Court justices?

No. These are functions of the Legislative Branch.

Which branch appoint the members of the judicial branch?

The President (Executive Branch) appoints judges and justices of the Judicial Branch with the advice and consent (approval) of the Senate (Legislative Branch). Both branches must participate in order to complete an appointment.

What is the judicary branch of the government?

The correct spelling is judiciary and not judiciary. The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch and they oversee the judiciary of the United States. There are nine judges on the Supreme Court with eight associate judges and one chief justice.