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The judicial branch consists of judges and courts such as district courts (thus district judges), appeals court and judges and the highest court in the USA, the Supreme Court and the 9 justices.

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Q: What branch will you find judges and courts?
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What branch of government has judges and courts?

the judicial branch

Are courts and judges part of the judicial or executive branch?

The courts and the officers of the courts (lawyers, clerks, judges, and so forth) are all members of the judicial branch of government.

Which branch of the federal government contains the courts and judges?

The Judiciary.

Does the judicial branch have elections?

On the federal level, no. However, some state courts elect their judges.

What is meaning of judiciary?

Of or pertaining to courts of judicature, or legal tribunals; judicial; as, a judiciary proceeding., That branch of government in which judicial power is vested; the system of courts of justice in a country; the judges, taken collectively; as, an independent judiciary; the senate committee on the judiciary.

What are the names of the members of the legislative branch?

The supreme court, some federal courts, and judges (justices is another name for judges).

Which branch of government do judges belong?

Good question! Actually, only some judges belong to the Judicial Branch of the US government. The Judicial Branch includes only those federal courts established under Article III of the Constitution:US District CourtsUS Court of International TradeUS Court of Appeals Circuit CourtsSupreme Court of the United StatesThere are many other courts in the federal judiciary, such as US Tax Court, US Bankruptcy Court, US Court of Claims, all the military courts, administrative courts for government agencies, and so on. These courts and tribunals were established under Congress' authority in Article I of the Constitution. None of those judges are part of the Judicial Branch, even though they are all part of the federal court system.State judges, of course, belong to the Judicial Branch of their individual states, but not to the Judicial Branch of the US federal government.

Who appoints all federal judges?

The President makes all appointments of judges and justices to the federal courts subject to confirmation by the Senate.

What system makes the judicial branch?

The justice system: courts, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers

What does the Judaical branch do?

The judicial branch of government is the federal courts, mainly the Supreme Court. The courts interpret the laws that the legislative branch passes.

The President has the power to choose all of the judges for federal courts how is this power limited by the legislative branch?

The Senate must approve the people picked as federal judges.

What system makes up the judicial branch?

The justice system: courts, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers