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Approximately 2% of all children in America are being homeschooled at any given time.

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Q: How many kids are homeschool in America?
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Will the Gosselins homeschool the kids?

No, the kids go to private school.

Do famous kids do homework?

yes, they still have homeschool

Where can I find homeschool curriculums and aids?

Homeschool is a great way to help your kids with their learning. You can go to the website it will allow you to help the kids learn.

How do you spell homeschool?


Should kids play at least 1 sport in public or homeschool?


Where can one find accredited homeschool curriculum for middle school kids? has a lot of different homeschool related resources. The Keystone School also has a lot of online homeschooling information for middle school and high school kids.

How do homeschool kids do in work force?

Depends on the child. How well subjects were taught and what they learned.

Do homeschool take you to field trips?

Yes! In general, homeschool kids take many many more field trips than kids who attend a 'regular' school. This is beacuse of the difficulty and expense in taking an entire classroom of kids on a field trip vs. taking your own children on a field trip. Many homeschool families take field trips at least once a month, if not more often. These can be as simple as learning about nutrition, budgeting, or money math at the local grocery store or visiting a museum, historic site, or business. Almost any place in your local community will accept homeschool groups for field trips (including factories, churches, stores, etc - get creative!) Many homeschool families also use their vacations as field trips and will visit the historic sites, state and national parks, etc wherever they happen to go. Homeschool families have the unique opportunity to do much more 'hands-on' learning beacuse there are fewer students and they are able to explore their own interests in much more depth.

How many kids play sport in America?

About 30 million kids does sports in America.

Where do I learn how to homeschool my kids?

These links can help you get started -

How many kids are obese in south America?

Not that many

Why would you want to homeschool your kids?

Your kids are home schooled, It made you secure for your kids at home. This is a wonderful way to stay close to your kids while teaching them to become well-rounded adults.