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He had 2 children. John was born in 1906 and Calvin was born in 1908. John did not like the limelight and spent little time in the White House. Calvin died in 1924 from an infection started when he got a blister on his foot.

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they had 2 kids

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Q: How many kids did Calvin and Grace Coolidge have?
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How many kids does Calvin Coolidge have?

Calvin Coolidge has 1 child

How many children does Calvin Coolidge have?

Calvin Coolidge has 1 child

Did Calvin Coolidge win many cases as a lawyer?

yes, Calvin Coolidge won many cases as a lawyer

How many pages does Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream have?

Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream has 273 pages.

How many people lived in the US when Calvin Coolidge took office?


How many votes did Calvin Coolidge have?

Calvin Coolidge won the 1924 presidential election defeating John Davis. In the 1924 presidential election Calvin Coolidge received 382 electoral votes and John Davis received 136 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Coolidge 15,719,921 and Davis 8,386,704. Progressive Party candidate LaFollette received 4,822,856 popular votes for President, but no electoral votes.

How many brothers and sisters did calvin coolidge have?

Yes , he had a sister who died at age 15.

How many us presidents graduated from Black River Academy in VT?

Calvin Coolidge was the one.

How many years did Calvin Coolidge serve office?

Coolidge finished out Harding's term and was elected to another term. All told he served for about five years and seven months.

How many president's with a c for last name?

Grover Cleveland, Calvin Coolidge, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton

Why did many believe that Calvin Coolidge was a perfect fit for presidency?

He was crazy and people know that they need a crazy president

How did Calvin Coolidge feel about the role of government in manging the economy?

Calvin Coolidge felt that the states should have the right to govern themselves. He felt that the federal government should not impose laws on local jurisdictions. Many other politicians of his time felt the same way.